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Larson Energy Research provides energy utilities and product manufacturers with the energy-use data and analysis they need to realize their efficiency goals in the built environment.


Larson Energy Research performs research design, management, and execution for field, lab, and simulation. We have experience working in both the residential and commercial sectors, analyzing conventional and emerging equipment and technologies. Our analysis and forecasting allow our clients to make scientifically informed plans.

Energy utilities count on us to reveal how energy is being spent within their markets and how specific technologies would improve efficiency. This work leads to the design of energy efficiency programs that transform markets and achieve efficiency targets.

Product manufacturers benefit from our services in evaluating different applications of new technologies into their product lines. Our expertise allows them to define an approach that makes use of new market opportunities for energy-saving equipment.

Businesses across economic sectors are turning alternative energy sources and emerging technologies into our new standards. Larson Energy Research’s experience, skill, and knowledge help you adopt the right changes at the right time.



Principal Consultant

Ben Larson, founder of Larson Energy Research, is a scientific researcher and consultant with over 12 years’ professional experience. Previously, Ben was director of research and technology at Ecotope Inc.

Ben has a multifaceted professional and academic background covering research design and management, energy efficiency, physics, experimental design, quantitative analysis, numerical modeling, alternative energy, energy simulations, and emerging technology. He has specialized expertise in heat pump-based appliances and a critical understanding of how mechanical systems in a building interact and affect total energy use.

His practical experience includes equipment energy-use testing, in both the field and lab; developing models to analyze and forecast equipment energy efficiencies; assessing residential and commercial building codes for energy cost savings; and designing equipment specifications. His work in these areas have directly contributed to:


Ben holds a Master of Science in Earth and space sciences, and a Bachelor of Science in physics, from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Diagram of heat pump water heating for a multifamily building

Carbon Savings in Multifamily Water Heating

Larson Energy Research leads the testing and evaluation of large-scale residential applications of heat pump water heating. We designed test plans to reveal the best equipment configurations, giving the California Energy Commission the data needed to use HPWH technology more broadly to meet decarbonization goals. The Commission and utilities across California use this research to inform building code and market transformation programs.


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